There are many books that teach adults how to draw with their computer, but… what about for children?

Ilustritas is the book for creative children who want to draw with the computer!!!

Recommended for kids * from 7 years upwards

Ilustritas is a series of exercises to teach kids how to draw with their computer

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The exercises in Ilustritas teach kids how to draw and promote creativity in children. Each exercise in Ilustritas shows you new tools. The exercises have been tested with children of different ages. Some children did the exercises at home and others participated in groups, with their teachers and other children.

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Available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

Creative Commons License. The illustrations can be distributed, copied and exhibited by third parties, providing the necessary credits are shown. The illustrations cannot be used for commercial gains.

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The Inkscape programme is free

Inkscape is an Open Source software which is compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux. The Inkscape is available online in different languages, has all of the important tools, is easy to use and is completely free :)

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Ilustritas is the result of an intense investigation and countless months of work

The development of the illustrations for the exercises was exciting. It was necessary to create illustrations which were both attractive for the children and easy to design through the exercises. Furthermore, it was essential that the children could carry out the exercises immediately and that it was also possible for each one to interpret their own ideas, make their creativity work and thereby continue to discover new possibilities. For months, the teaching methods were polished through prototype exercises which were online for the purpose of testing. Ilustritas is therefore virtually a digital drawing course and it is perfectly suited to both activities in class and activities at home, with the participation of parents, family members and friends.